Monthly Archives: August 2012

After Intervention, Starved Gorilla Able to Feed Herself Again

By Dr. Dawn Zimmerman On August 7, Karisoke Research Center (KRC) reported that 17-year-old adult female Kunama of Ugenda group appeared to have a protruding tongue and difficulty eating. I visited the group the following day and observed the same behaviour, although I could not determine the cause of her condition through visual observation. A […]

Kaboko, World’s Only Captive Male Mountain Gorilla, Passes Away

I’m afraid we have some very sad news that we weren’t able to publicize right away because of security concerns in the DRC. At approximately 5:30 a.m. on Wednesday, July 25, Kaboko, the world’s only captive male mountain gorilla, passed away at the Senkwekwe Center mountain gorilla sanctuary at the Virunga National Park headquarters in the Eastern […]

Urgent Appeal: Help Us Document Our Patients!

The Gorilla Doctors team in Rwanda is in tremendous need of a new professional DSLR camera and telephoto lens after both of our older cameras and lenses were damaged beyond repair. We photograph our patients so that we can document and better track their health. Long lenses and cameras designed to work well in low […]

Juvenile Ngwino Succumbs to Snare Wounds

This month, the Gorilla Doctors clinically managed the complicated case of Ngwino, a juvenile gorilla from Inshuti group in Rwanda who was found caught in a snare in early July. Normally, the Gorilla Doctors intervene to treat a snare-wounded gorilla the very next morning after the wound is first observed, but this time, silverback Inshuti prevented […]

Fighting Prevents Veterinarians From Monitoring Virunga Gorillas

July has proven to be another extremely distressing month for our colleagues in Virunga National Park, Democratic Republic of Congo. In early July, the M23 rebel movement succeeded in seizing several key towns around the southern sector of the park where Virunga’s 200 wild mountain gorillas live. The Congolese army and the UN withdrew from […]

Donor Story: Raemonde Bezenar and the Canadian Friends of MGVP

You could say that the mountain gorillas themselves are the best fundraisers for their conservation. Many tourists, after seeing mountain gorillas in the wild for the first time, have become ardent supporters of conservation projects in Rwanda, Uganda, and the Democratic Republic of Congo. That’s definitely the case for Raemonde Bezenar, one of our biggest […]