Monthly Archives: April 2012

Mountain Gorilla Orphans Safe after Security Scare in DRC

By Dr. Dawn Zimmerman At times, we are reminded of the risk that can be involved in caring for mountain gorillas.  Perhaps none know this better than our colleagues working in the Democratic Republic of Congo.  This was evident just a few weeks ago starting with an email from Linda Nunn, the chair of Gearing up […]

DNA Tests Reveal Orphan Ihirwe to be a Grauer’s Gorilla

By Dr. Noel From July 23 to 27, 2011, all Gorilla Doctors veterinarians were involved in the huge and exciting event of moving the six Grauer’s gorillas that had been in the Gorilla Doctors care for years from out interim orphan quarantine facility in Kinigi, Rwanda to the GRACE sanctuary in DRC. However, only two […]

A New Gorilla Doctor and a Big Promotion

Thanks to funds provided by Partners in Conservation, a nonprofit based out of the Columbus Zoo, Gorilla Doctors has been able to expand the veterinary team and give another staff member a much-deserved promotion this month. In the Democratic Republic of Congo, Dr. Martin Kabuyaya Balyananziu was hired as a field veterinarian to assist Head […]

Mountain Gorilla Orphan Health Update, April 2012

By Dr. Eddy On April 13, Dr. Martin and I went to the Senkwekwe Centre at Virunga National Park headquarters for the orphans’ quarterly de-worming. Kaboko has had recurrent diarrhea, so Gorilla Doctors has decided to increase the number of de-worming (medicine used to treat internal parasites) treatments to four times per year. The use […]

Dr. Dawn Checks on Ailing Baby in Urugamba Group

For every gorilla health case that requires a full medical intervention, the Gorilla Doctors probably follow up on at least half a dozen other cases that thankfully do not require emergency treatment. To ensure we catch health problems in the early stages, the Gorilla Doctors keep in close contact with the trackers who monitor the […]