Monthly Archives: March 2012

MGVP Receives $30,000 in Donated Veterinary Equipment from Germany

As always, we are grateful to our generous friends who offer their expertise and donate equipment to help the Gorilla Doctors expand their knowledge and toolbox. Last month, Bärbel Köhler, the Business Development Manager for Abaxis, a supplier of veterinary diagnostic equipment, visited our offices in Musanze, Rwanda, to deliver $30,000 worth of donations to […]

Keeping Gorillas Healthy by Keeping People Healthy

MGVP approaches gorilla medicine from a “One Health” perspective—a belief that the health of the gorillas is inextricably linked to that of the entire ecosystem, including humans and other animal species. Research studies show that gorillas can become ill and even die as a result of coming into contact with zoonotic diseases transmitted by people […]

The Saga of the Silverback Inshuti

By Dr. Dawn It’s been a difficult 2012 thus far for Inshuti, a silverback gorilla in Rwanda’s Volcanoes National Park.  Meaning “friend” in Kinyarwandan, Inshuti is considered one of the largest and most aggressive silverbacks within the Karisoke research groups, and he has endured his share of drama. Over the years, Inshuti has survived attacks […]

Veterinary Ophthalmologists Train Gorilla Doctors in Rwanda

In early March, veterinary ophthalmologists Drs. David Ramsey and Rick Quinn traveled to Rwanda to conduct a training workshop with the Gorilla Doctors. Dr. Ramsey owns and operates The Animal Ophthalmology Center in Williamston, Michigan, and Dr. Quinn practices at the Veterinary Eye Specialists of London, Ontario, and is an adjunct professor of ophthalmology at […]