Monthly Archives: January 2012

Tree-Climbing Ihirwe Knocks Teeth Out After Falling

Approaching the age of 2, orphan Ihirwe is quite a rambunctious little gorilla and grows bolder by the day. People passing by the MGVP’s gorilla quarantine facility in Kinigi even at a distance might glimpse Ihirwe scrambling in tree branches high above the ground. It’s amazing to think that a baby could be so brave […]

Silverback Kabirizi’s Role as King of Virunga Threatened

This Blog was written by Dr. Eddy from Virunga National Park, DRC. On the morning January 20, I left the Bukima patrol post with a group of trackers to find Kabirizi group. Along the way we encountered the night nest of the silverback Mukunda, who still stays by himself in the forest. About 30 minutes […]

Improved Health Monitoring Tool Benefits Veterinarians and Gorillas

How do the Gorilla Doctors keep mountain gorillas healthy? The first step, and the foundation of our gorilla healthcare program, is gorilla health monitoring—visually observing the members of  gorilla groups on a regular basis to check for signs of illness or injury. MGVP is only able to monitor and treat gorillas in habituated groups—groups that […]

Top 10 Ways to Protect Mountain Gorillas

The recent popular YouTube video showing a tourist being touched by wild mountain gorillas has captivated more than a million viewers and will likely inspired many travelers to book a trip to visit mountain gorillas themselves. However, while the desire to connect intimately with one of our closest relatives is an innate reaction, such close […]