Monthly Archives: May 2010

Tragedy in Pablo Group

Last Sunday afternoon I got a call from Joel at Karisoke Research Center. The 2 week old baby of Imvune in Ugenda group was crying a lot, and may have had some blood on his feet. Trackers were worried. I put my pack in the truck and headed up to Bisote, the place where I […]

New baby in Group 13

We got a call from trackers that Agahozo, a 5 year old male gorilla in Pablo group, was coughing and staying behind the group. This is the season when we begin to worry about respiratory disease in the gorillas – the end of the rainy season. It has been rainy and cool recently, and Pablo […]


Blog by: Dr. Eddy Kambale MGVP DRC In-Country Field Veterinarian Mapendo, Amani, Kighoma and Ndjingala, the four orphan Grauer’s gorillas who have been living in Goma since they were confiscated from poachers, have moved to a new home in the forest. These four little gorillas have been under the direct care of Gorilla Doctors of […]

Mountain Gorilla Census 2010

Blog by: Dr. Jean Felix Kinani MGVP Rwandan In-Country Field Veterinarian How many gorillas live in the Virunga Massif? This is a question that has not been answered since the last census of the habitat in 2003. The Virunga Volcanoes is one of only two locations where mountain gorillas live. The last census in 2003 […]