Monthly Archives: April 2010

Cultivating a Model Farm

Blog by: John Huston Agriculture Project Coordinator – MGVP One Health Program One part of MGVP’s “One Health” approach—the concept of looking at the health of the entire ecosystem including people, domestic animals, and gorillas to help minimize disease transfer between the different groups— is the segment of domestic animal agriculture. Raising livestock, especially cattle, […]

Titus and Bwenge

It is the rainy season herein Rwanda, and it rained all night. I knew I was headed to the forest the next morning, and hoped the rain might stop for a bit. I lucked out – when I got up that morning it was cool and relatively sunny. I met up with trackers Jean, Isaac […]

Meteo: Part Two

Meteo is a strong little gorilla. Dr. Jacques returned to Kahuzi Biegi a couple of days after we left him last week, and Meteo continued to do very well. He was eating and behaving normally. His elbow does not fully extend, but that does not seem to bother him. Amazing. Dr. Jacques reported that Meteo’s […]