Monthly Archives: March 2010

Meteo: Part One

There is a large National Park on the south side of Lake Kivu in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) called Kahuzi Biega. This is a huge protected area that is home to many families of Grauer’s gorillas, several of which are habituated and visited by tourists, now that the area is politically secure again. […]


The phone rang at 1am, which almost never happens here. It was Sandy, who was staying in Goma, DRC with Ndjingala, our newest Grauer’s gorilla who had been confiscated only a week earlier. Sandy was almost in tears. She had been trying to call and text me for 2 hours but the network was down. […]

Confiscation in Walikale

We’d been hearing rumors of baby gorillas for sale in Goma for several weeks. When these rumors are true it means, at the very least, that the mother of the infant gorilla in question was killed. And it is even more likely that other gorillas in the family also lost their lives trying desperately to […]