Monthly Archives: February 2010

Group 13

Trackers heard Agashya coughing. He is the silverback in Group 13, one of the most popular tourist groups in Rwanda. It was not a bad cough, but Group 13 was due for a routine health check, so I scheduled a visit Agashya the next day to check the cough for myself. It was a cool, […]

Susa Group

Last week I visited Susa group – my first visit to this large group. The group used to be the largest in Rwanda, but recently had a relatively peaceful split. I went to visit Susa A, the larger of the two groups. Susa group also is one of the groups that range the furthest from […]


By Drs. Jan and Magda Last Friday afternoon Gorilla Doctors learned that Sekanabo, an infant male gorilla in Kabirizi group, was caught in a snare. As always in these situations there were many phone calls to the appropriate authorities within ICCN to get permission to attempt intervention if needed. One of the main ICCN Wardens, […]