Monthly Archives: November 2009

Ndeze and Ndakasi move to Senkwekwe

Blog by: Dr. Eddy Kambale MGVP DRC In-Country Field Veterinarian The story starts with the gorilla massacres in June and July, 2007.  Kabirizi and Rugendo gorilla groups both lost members.  In Kabirizi gorilla group there was an adult female gorilla with a 2 month old baby. Her name was N’Sekuye, and in June 2007 she […]

Gorilla Doctors and Cows

This week I went with John Huston and Dr. Mike for our monthly visit to MGVP Farm Partners.  John is our Agriculture Project Coordinator for the MGVP One Health Program and developed our Farm Partner Project.  Dr. Mike is the Director of MGVP and was here for one of his regular visits.  The Farm Partner […]

Shooting Raisins

When we conduct our annual physical examinations on the gorilla orphans, they are big enough now that in order to sedate them they must be injected with a flying dart.  Needless to say, they do not much appreciate this procedure, and they have long memories.  They remember not only what the darting equipment look like, […]