Monthly Archives: October 2009

Routine Health Check- Silverback Kuryama

Last week I went to visit Kuryama group for a routine health check.  Kuryama is the son of Titus, and has proved to be a strong, benevolent ruler like his father. Video of Kuryama. The morning started at 5:30 – I had to pick up the trackers at 6:40 and it is about a 30 […]

Goma Gorilla Orphans

There are five gorilla orphans living in Goma DRC.  They were rescued from largely unknown situations and thanks to hard working Gorilla Doctors and caregivers they are now thriving. Amani, Kighoma and Mapendo are all Grauer’s gorillas. Amani and Kighoma were confiscated this year on the Congo side of the Virunga range.  They came to […]

Field Medical Intervention: Gorilla Kariya Runga

Last week I had my first experience treating a sick, wild mountain gorilla.  Dr. Eddy had been following the case of a 3 year old gorilla from Humba group in DRC, who had a terrible respiratory infection.  She felt so bad that she stopped eating, and trackers felt she was growing weak.  Dr. Eddy and […]

Pinga’s Exam

When I’m having a bad day I like to go watch the gorilla orphans we are caring for in Kinigi.  They were the first gorillas I saw after my arrival – while I was in “quarantine” I was able to watch them over the wall of their enclosure, since there was no risk of disease […]