Monthly Archives: May 2009

Another Mountain Gorilla Caught in a Snare: Part 1

Last week we dealt with yet another snared gorilla.  The victim was Nyandwi (ne-an-dwee), a six-year-old female in Pablo Group. Nyandwi When the trackers found the gorilla caught in a snare, they were able to cut the rope without fear of being attacked by her family.  The rest of the group was foraging some distance […]

Umoja Weaned Blog

Umoja (as yet un-named) at the age of one year and two months, after recovery from respiratory disease, with Nyiramurema in April 2007 I have a special feeling for the young gorilla Umoja, since I was the one who had the honor of naming him two years ago, at the annual ceremony in which infant […]

The Newest Orphan: Amani

Though I haven’t met our newest orphan in person, I feel as though I know her. She’s the sixth gorilla our team has helped rescued in the 2.5 years since I started work for the vet project. That’s six too many. All three of the mountain gorillas survived, one of the two Grauer’s did not. […]