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Working in the Rain: Inkumbuza’s Snare, Part 2

Mother Pasika (upper right) checks on Inkumbuza’s snare The tracking team, each armed with a long stick, had gathered in a line on the hillside above us, ready to scare Ugenda and others away. Fundi, followed closely by our team—Magda, Jean Felix, Elisabeth, and I—would try to run Pasika away from her infant. We waited […]

Working in the Rain: Inkumbuza’s Snare

I have a new answer to the question, “How often do gorillas get caught in snares?” Two years ago, I would’ve said very rarely. Now my reply is too often. Today we removed another snare, the seventh in less than two years. Our patient was Inkumbuza, a three-and-a-half-year-old mountain gorilla from Shinda Group. Inkumbuza with […]