Monthly Archives: January 2009

Mushya: Infant Mountain Gorilla Improving

Mushya eating and playful, four-and-a-half weeks post treatment. In recent weeks, Mushya has taken me on a roller coaster ride.  I’ve been visiting Isabukuru Group regularly to check on him and his mother, Icyizere.  He’s looked better each time, yet his fragile condition has worried me.  Only now, five weeks after treatment, am I convinced […]

Rechecking Mushya

During my recheck of Mushya and Icyizere the day after the intervention, I kept an eye out for fresh fecal samples. We wanted to follow the pattern of parasites now that we’d given the ivermectin. Icyizere had conveniently produced several samples within minutes of my arrival in the group. I’d brought one of them back […]

Part 3: Lab Work and Follow-Up

After a brief break for lunch, Magda, Jean Felix, and I met back in the lab. We spent the next five hours doing all we could to process and run the gorillas’ samples, but we ran out of energy before we could finish. I think we also felt a bit deflated when we didn’t find […]