Monthly Archives: October 2008

Safety Worries in DR Congo

The other night I was one of several guests at a small dinner party in Rwanda. It had rained all day–and most of the previous night–but the skies had cleared about an hour before dark.  It was the first time in weeks I’d driven up the road to park headquarters, having been on a break […]

Another Wire Snare (2)

  The Nkuringo Group of gorillas live in Uganda’s Bwindi Impenetrable Forest. Benard and I left early for our new snare case.  We were on the road to the ranger station at six a.m., hoping to catch up with the gorillas by nine or so.  Any time we intervene with anesthetic, it’s best to get […]

Another Wire Snare (1)

A mountain gorilla treated for snare removal in Uganda from 2004.  When I first read Benard’s e-mail, I didn’t want to believe it.  A blackback in Nkuringo Group had a wire snare around his leg.  The gorilla had continued to eat, but he’d begun to fall behind the group.  One of us needed to cross […]