Monthly Archives: September 2008

Snares and Scares

I’d nearly finished my routine health check in Pablo Group when my cell phone buzzed in my pocket, making me jump.  It was Jean Felix.  We usually text each other in order not to disturb the gorillas, so I knew right away there must be a problem.  We did indeed have an emergency.  One of […]

Another Coughing Gorilla Group Part 2

Getting back to my phone conversation with Elisabeth, I knew that Kwitonda and his group had suffered through a severe outbreak of respiratory illness just last year in April (2007). Maybe this one wouldn’t be so bad. The group should have some immunity to the infectious organism, most likely a virus, if it’s the same […]

Another Coughing Gorilla Group Part 1

Elisabeth called me with worrisome news: “The chief has a small cough, and four others.” She’d just returned from Kwitonda Group, a family of 17 mountain gorillas. My brain didn’t want to accept the information. If Kwitonda and his group had come down with respiratory disease, it would bring the total to four groups in […]