Monthly Archives: July 2008

Goma Orphans Update: Basic Facts

We continue to help take care of the three orphaned gorillas in Goma, DR Congo.  They include the two infant mountain gorillas, Ndeze and Ndakasi, whose mothers were shot and killed one year ago, and Mapendo, a juvenile Grauer’s gorilla confiscated from poachers six months ago. Here’s a brief update about each one, photographs courtesy […]

Ndeze’s July 2007 Rescue Revisited

Killings and a New Orphan (7.25.07) From one year ago… Four mountain gorillas shot dead by someone in the Democratic Republic of Congo on July 24th Most of us were in Kigali for Rwanda’s first-ever scientific biodiversity conference when we heard the horrible news.  Four or more gorillas been shot in the DRC, inside the […]

Active Link to Nat Geo Blog Site

The blog I posted yesterday, June 30, 2008, about the upcoming National Geographic Channel Special has been linked to the NGC Blog site. Here’s the link: ngcblog/national geographic explorer series. Lots of other blogs to read there, too! I’ve shared the description of the magazine and TV show with the gorilla doctors group staff and […]