Monthly Archives: April 2008

Umoja’s Case: Part 1

Two-year-old Umoja hiding in the vegetation, unable to move after sustaining multiple injuries during a fight between his family, Kwitonda Group, and Nyakagezi Group. Jean Felix got the first call about Umoja. The two-year-old mountain gorilla infant had been badly injured during a fight between his family, Kwitonda Group, and Nyakagezi Group. Sometimes these two […]

Another Snare

The latest snare case: a female mountain gorilla in Nyakagezi Group, Uganda, has wire wrapped around her elbow. Last week started with bad news: we heard about another snared gorilla, the second case in less than a month in Uganda’s Nyakagezi group (March 17, 2008). The trackers found a young gorilla with a wire snare […]

Diagnostic Tests for Gorilla Health

Kwitonda silverback eating a stalk of bamboo, Kwitonda Group, Rwanda. A few months ago, I received an email from Samantha Newport (then communications director at WildlifeDirect) with an offer of medical supplies from a woman in Switzerland, Jackie Sonderegger, who works for a company in Switzerland that makes medical diagnostic test kits. Jackie was planning […]

Mapendo Update

Mapendo falling asleep under anesthesia, March 18, 2008. MGVP director Mike Cranfield and I were finishing up a meeting when Magda returned from Goma, where she’d spent the day working with Jacques. “So, how is Mapendo?” I asked. Magda smiled broadly and replied, “A bit fat!” She and Jacques had just given the orphan gorilla […]