Monthly Archives: March 2008

A Cluster of Eye Cases

A wild gecko with healthy eyes, Rwanda. We’ve had very few calls about gorillas with eye problems since I joined the vet project—until this past month, when we had two. That means we’ll have a third case soon. I believe in the rule of threes when it comes to veterinary cases. Once we’ve seen two-of-a-kind, […]

Chimp Health in Nyungwe Forest

Angolan colobus monkey, Nyungwe, RW Magda and I recently returned from whirlwind three-day road trip to Nyungwe forest, Rwanda’s newest national park, where we participated in a workshop designed to establish protocols for chimpanzee ecotourism. Magda is a chimp expert, having worked previously at two national parks in Tanzania, Gombe and Mahale. She brought all […]