Monthly Archives: February 2008

Check and Check Again

Two mother gorillas with their infants from Group 13 scale a steep slope on Sabinyo volcano, Rwanda. During a routine health check to Group 13 in Rwanda last week, I focused my attention on several mother gorillas and their infants. We found the gorilla family foraging high up on the east side of Sabinyo volcano. […]

Patient Updates

Nzeli walking on her injured left foot, but not her right, one week after antibiotics. After I darted Nzeli with antibiotics, we kept a close eye out for recurrent swelling or discharge from her wounds. The long-acting penicillin we use for darting is formulated to remain in the body’s tissues for for several days. We […]

Nzeli Injured

Nzeli injured and resting, just before she received treatment, in Bwenge Group, Rwanda. I jumped out of my chair when my cell phone rang. So much for a quiet Sunday morning. First an earthquake—which had sent me running outside for fear that the roof of my little house would collapse—and now the phone. I glanced […]