Monthly Archives: January 2008

People As Part of the Job

Susa Group mountain gorilla tracking and monitoring team, ORTPN, Rwanda I smile when people say, “You’re so lucky to be able to work with animals all day.” In fact, vets spend more time working with people than they do with their patients. Obviously, a sick or injured animal cannot speak, so we rely heavily on […]

Three Goma Orphans

Newly confiscated orphaned Grauer’s gorillas Mapendo and Vumilia, in Mutsora, DRC (January 10, 2008). After ten days of caring for the two orphaned Grauer’s gorillas in Mutsora, we thought both would live. Vumilia was weak, but he regularly drank plenty of water and ate fairly well, especially fresh fruit. We continued preparations to move him […]

About the Gorilla Doctors: Staff 2008

This post is an update from November 2007 – see Dr. Magda’s bio and new picture of Dr. Eddy at work. MGVP’s veterinary staff—collectively, the gorilla doctors—is a unique, diverse, and interesting group of people. We differ in terms of our nationality, training, and experience, as well as in the territory we cover. The in-country […]

Mapendo in Goma

Dr. Magda and I traveled to Goma for the day yesterday to meet the orphan team at the airport, check Mapendo briefly (she’ll have a complete examination once she settles into her new quarantine area), and perform the necropsy on Vumilia with Drs. Jacques and Eddy. Dr. Eddy was very happy to be back. He […]

Death of an Orphan

Sadly, Vumilia, the older of the two orphaned Grauer’s gorillas in Mutsora, collapsed last night around midnight and died a few hours later. Dr. Eddy tried to stabilize the gorilla, but the change in the animal’s condition was dramatic and grave; he managed to revive the little gorilla once, but not for long. Earlier that […]

Barely Stable: New Orphan Update

On the fourth day of treatment, Mapendo and Vumilia continue to improve, eating banana stems, and ficus leaves, January 8, 2008. The new Grauer’s gorilla orphans in DR Congo are showing signs of improvement. Eddy and Andre have done a terrific job, thanks also to the help of ICCN staff who work at the ranger […]

Two Mutsora Orphans

For the last few days, we’ve been struggling with a new challenge: two orphaned Grauer’s (eastern plains) gorillas from DR Congo. MGVP Congo field vet Dr. Eddy Kambale and vet tech/caretaker/ICCN ranger Andre Bauma traveled by plane to Mutsora to evaluate the orphans and help stabilize them. The gorillas are young, several years old. They […]