Monthly Archives: December 2007

What’s Normal

Bukima’s two-year old infant, Ihumure, in Titus Group (Rwanda). What is normal? I asked myself that question a dozen times last week in connection with the Goma orphans and their continuing intestinal upsets. What is normal fecal flora for a seven- to nine-month old mountain gorilla? What should a fecal gram stain look like in […]

Too Close for Comfort: The Congo War and the Ebola Virus

View of Lake Kivu just north of Goma, DRC, site of recent rebel fighting. Last week, the Congolese government launched attacks on the rebels hiding out near Goma and the DRC side of the Virungas park. Lawlessness in this region led earlier to the outright killing of at least a dozen mountain gorillas. Now people […]

Gorillas in the DRC

Seven-month old female mountain gorilla, Ndakasi, in Goma, DRC. After Ndakasi recovered from her last bout of diarrhea, we built the orphans a climbing frame out of eucalyptus. It doesn’t look like anything in the forest, but it works. Both infants took to the teepee-like structure immediately. Last week, I watched Ndakasi hang from one […]